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[Report] National Cyber Security Center has detected influence operations exploiting China’s 'disguised media websites.'

Date 2023. 11. 14

S2W, a member of the NCSC Joint Analysis Team, has detected and published an analysis report on the activites of Chinese media using disguised websites.

NCSC Joint Analysis Team has discovered 38 disguised sites operated by a Chinese media promotion company, posing as Korean media, and have identified articles in the format of unauthorized distribution through these websites.

βœ… Report Analysis Contents:

- Chinese media promotion companies 'Haimai' and 'Haixun' created sites with names and domains similar to legitimate Korean media sites to disguise their activities.
- They published unauthorized articles from Korean media and impersonated members of the Korea Digital News Association.
- Additionally, they used an undisclosed background to disseminate content promoting pro-China and anti-American sentiments, such as 'China's cooperation achievements in the fight against COVID,' exploiting it for Korean public opinion manipulation.
- Furthermore, they engaged in various attempts, such as editing videos from Busan MBC and uploading them to YouTube or disseminating pro-China and anti-American content through social media.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Report Author: NCSC Joint Analysis Team 
(National Intelligence Service, ESTSecurity, SK shieldus, S2W Inc., WINS)

S2W, as a member of the NCSC Joint Analysis Team, participated in the preparation of this report and is conducting various cyber security analyses related to it.

The full analysis content can be found on the S2W Tech Blog.
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