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[Newsletter] DDW Weekly Highlights in June W4

Date 2023. 06. 29

🌐 Deep Dark Web Weekly Highlights in June W4

⚠ Ransomware Attack: Chilean Army 

Data belonging to the Chilean Army has been unlawfully obtained by a ransomware gang, who is now publicly releasing it without charge. A ransomware gang operating within the dark web, commonly referred to as "Rhysida," has recently made public the confidential data of the Chilean Army through their self-operated leak site. Based on the information uncovered following the incident, it has come to light that an individual working within the Chilean Army was complicit in the ransomware attack. As a result, the perpetrator has been apprehended by the authorities. As per the ransomware gang's claim, the overall volume of the pilfered data stands at approximately 220 gigabytes, corresponding to approximately 270,000 files. However, thus far, only 30% of the stolen data has been made public by the perpetrators.

⚠ Hacking: Swiss Financial and Government agencies 

The websites of Swiss banks, government agencies, and associations have experienced significant disruption as a result of cyber-attacks initiated by a Turkish hacking group operating on the messaging platform Telegram. The cyber-attacks have impacted several targeted entities, including the Swiss National Bank, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, and the Swiss Football Association. The responsibility for these attacks has been claimed by a Turkish hacking gang known as the "Turk Hack Team." The threat-actor gang, also known as the “Turk Hack Team,”  has been actively engaging in cyber-attacks against multiple countries, including Denmark, Israel, and Russia, since the establishment of their Telegram channel in February of this year.

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